We offer instruction and guidance to those who wish to enter the community that HSP seeks to foster.

We provide both taught and research-based training at the postgraduate level. Here, the university environments of HSP presents important opportunities. At Harvard University for example, graduates are offered a course on ‘Military and Arms Control Applications of Biology and Chemistry’, which is taught by Matthew Meselson, and at the University of Sussex, postgraduate students at Global Studies and Medical School undergraduate students have in the past been offered similar courses. Currently, SPRU students are offered a module on ‘Governing Security’ taught by Caitríona McLeish and Alex Mankoo. Other opportunities for training arise through supervision of master’s and doctor’s dissertations.

Graduate students working with HSP have frequently enjoyed CBW-related internships with intergovernmental organizations or other research institutions. There are further training opportunities in the various HSP researcher positions at Harvard and Sussex. Former HSP trainees have gone on to take employment in government, international organisations and academia.

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