Our programme of outreach seminars, workshops and colloquia is an important feature in our national and international networking efforts. Our programme includes: the HSP London CBW Seminar, in collaboration with the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office; the HSP Cambridge CBW Colloquia; and Sussex Days.

The HSP London CBW Seminar

Tue/09/2005 -

In collaboration with the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, HSP convenes a seminar in London that seeks to promote communication between governmental and non-governmental specialists in CBW affairs. Sessions of the seminar are conducted under Chatham House rules, and participation is by invitation only.

Sussex Days

Wed/02/2002 -

Since 2002, HSP Sussex has convened a series of meetings known as ‘Sussex Days’. These informal gatherings take advantage of the increasing number of CBW researchers, academics and NGOs in south-east England as well as the proximity of Brighton to London.

The HSP Cambridge CBW Colloquia

Thu/10/1995 -

These meetings takes place in the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard or at MIT and are intended principally for students and academics in the Cambridge MA area whose interests overlap with those of HSP. Each session is advertised locally. Where the speaker is a serving official, as is often the case, the talk may be off the record or otherwise non-attributable.

The Pugwash International Workshops on CBW

Sun/05/1993 -

These are private invitation-only meetings of experts on pre-selected topical issues held under the auspices of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs. The meetings are workshops of the Pugwash Study Group on Implementation of the CBW Conventions, of which HSP is the convenor and guiding spirit.