HSP Associates

The people identified here once had and, in most cases, continue to have a close working association with HSP activities. Many are former members of HSP staff.

Eitan Barak (Jerusalem) Harvard Researcher

Stephen Black (Washington) Harvard Researcher1999-2001

Gordon Burck (Washington) Bulletin Producer1988-89

Brian Balmer (London) Sussex Researcher1993-94

Marie Chevrier (Dallas) Harvard Researcher1997-98

Priyamwada Deshingkar (UK) Sussex Researcher1985-92

Treasa Dunworth (Auckland) Hague Researcher1995-97

Simon Evans (London) Sussex Assistant Researcher2002-03

Daniel Feakes (Geneva) Hague Researcher and Sussex Researcher2000-09

Amy Gordon (Washington) Harvard Researcher1997-1998

Chandre Gould (South Africa) CBW Conventions Bulletin Correspondent in South Africa2000-2001

James Revill (UK) Research Fellow

Elisa Harris (Maryland) Harvard Researcher1985-87

Peter Herby (Geneva) Hague Researcher1993

Laura Holgate (Washington) HCCC Convenor1991-92

Catherine Jefferson (UK) Sussex Researcher2009-10

Mitslal Kifleyesus-Matschie (Germany) Brussels Researcher1995-97

Lora Lumpe (Oslo) Bulletin Producer1989-93

Pamela Mills Allen (Canberra) Hague Researcher2000-02

John Parachini (Washington) Bulletin Publisher1993-94

Tony Randle (Brighton) Sussex Archivistuntil 2005

Katie Smallwood (Gevena) Hague Researcher2007-08

Justin Smith (Washington) Hague Researcher1994-95

Scott Spence (Geneva) Hague Researcher2003-2005

Jessica Stern (Cambridge, MA) Harvard Researcher1989-92

Fiona Tregonning (Wellington) Hague Researcher2002-03

Emmanuelle Tuerlings (Geneva) Geneva then Sussex Researcher1998-2002

Henrietta Wilson (Southampton) Sussex Researcher1993-97

Alex Mankoo (London) Sussex Researcher2019-2021