Report of the Wilton Park Conference on “BTWC Review”

25th October 2011

Wilton Park published the Conference Report of the “BTWC Review” meeting held in the Netherlands in September 2011. This report provides a summary of the discussion at Wilton Park and covers a number of key topics for the Review Conference, including: confidence-building measures (CBMs); national implementation; international cooperation and assistance; verification and compliance; advances in science and technology; and the future of the Implementation Support Unit (ISU) and Intersessional Processes. The section on advances in science and technology is of particular interest and states that: “of the topics likely to be decisive for success at the Review, the one that probably has the greatest consensus is the evolving impact of science and technology on the BTWC”.

The report goes on to state that “Developments in science affect both the scope and the implementation of the Convention, and require a regular process of review and of cross-sector engagement” further suggesting that the “MSP will need regular topics to monitor, but also the flexibility to respond to new and/or unexpected developments”. The report proceeds to elaborate on a number of proposals for changing the S&T Review Process, including those of an Australian participant, before concluding the S&T section by noting that “there appears to be very clear convergence on the need to review more frequently, but less on how this might best be put into practice.”

Follow the link to view the Wilton Park Conference report “BTWC Review” 

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