UK paper on an “Illustrative Model Intersessional Work Programme”

27th July 2011

In a paper submitted to the BWC, the UK presented an illustrative model intersessional work programme that includes a ‘science and technology task group’ mandated with, inter alia, reviewing and reporting “on developments that have implications for the Convention, including Articles I, III, IV, VI, VII and X”; identifying “any actions that may be appropriate by the States Parties” and considering “the implications of the convergence of chemistry and biology and of the multidisciplinary approach taken in rapidly developing fields such as synthetic biology and nanotechnologies” as well as considering oversight and awareness raising activities. The advanced paper provides further thinking on the role of a “Task Group Leader”, the reporting process and how such task groups could be integrated within a future intersessional work programme.

The paper submitted by the UK is available from the UNOG website 

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