Indian paper on a “Structured and Systematic Review of S&T Developments under the BTWC”

7th September 2011

In a paper submitted as an official document to the BWC, the delegation of India proposed that the Seventh Review Conference should seek agreement on a “structured and systematic review of S&T developments” under the Convention. The paper suggests that such a review could be conducted through the addition of an agenda item in annual meetings to discuss the following: 

a) Review new Scientific & Technological developments of relevance to the Convention.

   •Identify developments which could have a potential for uses contrary to the provisions of the Convention;

   •Identify developments which are of particular concern with respect to bioterrorism.

b)Review Science & Technological developments of special relevance to disease surveillance, diagnosis and treatment of pandemics.

   •Identify science and technological developments which would be of particular benefit to developing countries;

c)Identify emerging risks in dual use research and development involving new S&T developments of relevance to the Convention.

   •Examine voluntary Codes of Conduct inter alia for scientists, academia and industry in fields relevant to the Convention;

   •Identify communication strategies about risks and benefits of life sciences and biotechnology.

d)Review S&T related developments in other multilateral organizations such as WHO, OIE, FAO and IPPC which are of relevance to the Convention.

The paper submitted by India is available from the UNOG website 

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