Workshop on Synthetic Biology and Dual Use, OIC Committee on S&T Cooperation (COMSTECH), Islamabad

3rd February 2011

James Revill & Kai Ilchmann presented a paper on the Dual Use Implications of Synthetic Biology which drew on aspects of the project's methodology to look at trends in Synthetic biology and possible dual use implications. This presentation covered a number of points including, conceptualisation of synthetic biology, its application and future trajectory then linked this to our understanding of dual use. It concluded by suggesting that just as it would be inappropriate to dismiss the idea of synthetic biology being used for hostile purposes by state or non-state actors over the coming decades, it would be equally remiss to fixate on the negative implications of synthetic biology. More information on the 3-Day Workshop on Synthetic Biology and its Dual Use organised by COMSTECH please go to the COMSTECH website.

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