Alexander Ghionis wins Geneva Disarmament Platform essay competition

Alexander Ghionis wins the Geneva Disarmament Platforms essay contest

Geneva, Switzerland - Alexander Ghionis was the winning entrant in the Geneva Disarmament Platform’s first Disarmament Essay Contest for his essay ‘Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy Studies in International Disarmament Efforts’.

His paper contends that science, technology, and innovation policy studies (STIPs) is an enabling set of frameworks for strengthening international disarmament efforts by encouraging them to be more effective, collaborative and creative.

Alexander was invited to participate in a workshop with young professionals from six geographically representative Geneva-based permanent delegations. The workshop ‘Generating fresh ideas for global disarmament efforts’ took place in Geneva on 14 November and was a chance to introduce fresh ideas and new approaches to disarmament thinking.

During the workshop he presented the key points from his essay and provided sompractical examples and recommendations. He discussed how STIPs can practically support disarmament efforts and organisations in a myriad of ways, namely: policy advocacy and lobbying; stakeholder engagement; strategy and narrative development; and senior advisory roles. He also took part in the roundtable discussions exploring the main challenges facing disarmament and arms control today, possible ways to overcome these challenges, and potential avenues for further collaboration among sectors and actors.

You can read Alexander’s winning essay here.

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